JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones

by Scott on December 31, 2011

I came across these headphones when I forgot my earbuds on a trip and was stuck having to buy some in an airport store that specialized in headphones. My flight was only an hour long, and I have 5 or 6 different sets of earbuds lying around the house already, so I was looking to get out of there with the cheapest pair I could find. The sales guy was adamant that I at least try these out before I made my purchase. He put on the new A-Team movie and I tried them…pretty amazing! Still, I couldn’t justify the price. I did, however, make note of them so I could look for them later.

I ended up getting them from Amazon as a lightning deal as a gift for a teenager who wanted a different, very expensive brand of headphones. Instead of paying ~$100, I got out for less than $30!

She was very impressed and happy with them, much to my relief. I do think it’s weird that kids these days care a lot about the brand and quality of headphones, then proceed to listen to low quality music, but that’s beside the point.

If you’re like me and have moved much of your classic country collection over to a digital format and listen on iPods or other devices, it’s definitely worth the investment to go ahead and grab a high quality set of earbuds if you can catch them at a good price. I know it sounds like a silly proposition, but you really will be able to tell a difference. I think these JBuds are a great value for the money. I’m sure there are some that are a little better (and a lot more expensive), but as far as getting the most for your dollar, these are going to be tough to beat.

JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones with Travel Case (Gun Metal)

JBuds J4 Rugged Metal In-Ear Earbuds Style Headphones with Travel Case (Gun Metal) Rating:
List Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $39.17
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Product Description

JLab seeks to up the game with every new generation of the best-selling JBuds line, and the J4 Rugged Metal Earbuds Style Headphones are no exception. Building on the sleek style, premium sound, and maximum comfort of the bestselling JBuds J3 earbuds, we gave the new JBuds J4's a flexible exoskeleton armor over all components for extreme durability and a hot new rugged look. These cans are built to last!The J4 ear buds also feature a rock solid, heavy duty aluminum housing, tangle-free flat cables with kevlar reinforcement, eye candy 3D logo details, and an extra tough EVA carrying case with room for your J4's and an iPod nano or shuffle. The J4's also include 7 pairs of custom molded earbuds cushions, in both single flange (XS, S, M, L) and double flange (XS/S, S/M, L/XL). The J4's are arguably the most rugged and durable earphones ever made. They're the perfect solution for those seeking an extra tough, heavy duty pair of ear buds with the legendary JLab sound: balanced wide range response, tight bass, and crisp clarity. The J4 is available with and without a mic in a range of bold, stylish color combos. Compatible with all iPods, iPhone 3G, 4G, HTC, Blackberry, Kindle, iPad, laptops, and any device with a standard 3.5mm jack. For those seeking ultra lightweight, slightly slimmer earbuds, you can't beat the JBuds J3, for iPhone 1 and 2 owners, we recommend the J3M.


  • Extra rugged build with aluminum housing, flexible exoskeleton armor on all components, and kevlar reinforced tangle free flat cable.
  • Rich, dynamic soundstage with crystal clear highs, deep, full mids, and tight, punchy bass
  • Includes 7 sizes of soft silicone ear buds for a super comfortable, noise isolating fit, and a rugged travel case.
  • Works with every iPod, iTouch, iPhone 3G/4G, Kindle, iPad, mp3 player, CD, portable DVD, PSP, Nintendo DS, and Laptop. Also available as J4M with mic for iPhone 3G/4G, Blackberry, HTC, Android, and other smart phones.
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

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