Expanding The Classic Country Network

by Scott on December 30, 2011

It’s funny when you find a classic country fan where you’d least expect it. Our family hosts a Christmas party every year for our kids’ friends, and this year one of the parents brought his mom who was visiting from Virginia. She’d been by the house a few times previously, but the night of the party music came up. She asked if I liked country music, and I replied, “I love country music…but nothing in the top 40 right now is what I’d consider country.” I told her how I loved the current stuff coming out of Texas and Oklahoma, but that I’m mostly partial to classic and outlaw country.

“YES!!!!” was her reply.

Now, I’m living on the Central Florida coast, so I had more than enough reason to be skeptical. I doubt there’s a Saturday morning bluegrass jam within 50 miles of here, and when you mention the name “Johnny” here, “Cash” probably isn’t the first last name to pop into most people’s head. But she proceeded to tell me that she was the general manager of WBRF, which is a station dedicated to classic country! They even have an “Outlaw Drive at 5” (and they stream online).

I have to tell you…I LOVE this radio station!!!! There’s just enough bluegrass programming in there to keep me happy along with the great classic country and outlaw stuff.

It seems to me a very smart move to program classic country for a few reasons. First of all, not many people are doing it yet, so it lets stations corner that market. Secondly, the music is just plain better than what is being passed off as country these days. Most importantly to me, it helps introduce these great old tunes to people who may not ever hear them otherwise. Good music is good music, and these classic country stations are helping bring good music to the people!

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